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Key Matters magazine Issue 6 - August 2021 - Adjudication Special

Click here to download this Adjudication Special issue of Key Matters magazine, featuring:

Meet the Team

- A little introduction to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) team

The Benefits of Self-Resolution

- Cameron Smith explores the benefits to all parties of engaging in early self-resolution

Dispute Trends

- Trends and statistics on where disputes happen, why they happen and average claim amounts

Common Mistakes in Disputes

- Samantha Gardner highlights common mistakes made in evidence submissions and how to avoid these

The 8 Stages of a Dispute

- A guide to the journey of a dispute, including the timescales involved

Adjudication Digest

- This issue's case studies have been prepared by Resolution Manager Paula Guthrie

Further Support

- Information on how SafeDeposits can help landlords, letting agents and tenants alike should they find themselves in or even heading towards a dispute

Have You Heard? - The latest news from SafeDeposits Scotland and the wider private rented sector

- News from the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust

- Climate Emergency Theme for Scottish Housing Day

- SafeDeposits and Partners Celebrate Achievements


Key Matters Magazine Issue 6 August 2021 - SafeDeposits Scotland
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