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The only tenancy deposit protection scheme based in Scotland, we protect your tenancy deposits and provide free and impartial resolution in the event of a dispute.

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Joining the largest deposit scheme in Scotland couldn't be easier. Follow the steps below, and we're just a click or a call away if you need any assistance.


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Help with deposit - SafeDeposits Scotland
1 Create an account

Create an account to be able to use our online portal.

Help with deposit - SafeDeposits Scotland
2 Register

Complete our online registration form with your details. We will send you a confirmation email.

Help with deposit - SafeDeposits Scotland
3 Protect

Now you're ready to protect your deposit(s) with the leading deposit scheme in Scotland. Complete the deposit protection form with the details required to protect the deposit, including the tenancy address, deposit amount and tenants' details.

Help with deposit - SafeDeposits Scotland
4 Pay the deposit

After entering the deposit information you can transfer the deposit to SafeDeposits Scotland by debit card, cheque or BACS.

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As the number one deposit scheme in Scotland our resource centre contains an extensive library of guidance documents, articles and resources to help and inform you at every stage in deposit protection.