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Scottish Housing Day: David's Housing Career Journey

On 1st April 2022 David became Resolution Manager at SafeDeposits Scotland, part of a great two-pronged example of career progression in the housing sector and certainly within SafeDeposits. David replaced long-standing SafeDeposits team member Paula as Resolution Manager when she moved to become Casework Manager at the New Homes Ombudsman Service, another service operated by SafeDeposits' parent group TDS. David himself had joined SafeDeposits exactly two years earlier.

It was an unconventional start for David on 1st April 2020. Between him being offered the Customer Relations role and his start date, the whole world was sideswiped by the declaration of a global pandemic.

"It was a scary time for everyone, but I had this added uncertainty of getting set to start a new job just as we were being told to stay at home. Thankfully my fellow new-hire Frankie and I got to join the company as planned, albeit with our training and many months of our initial time with SafeDeposits taking place remotely."

David feels that on reflection those unusual days of lockdown helped him gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of tenants, landlords and letting agents alike - something that is key in the Resolution role he went on to take up in 2022.

David enjoys every aspect of his role as Resolution Manager.

"In my role I am responsible for overseeing our Alternative Dispute Resolution service, and managing a fantastic team. My favourite parts of the job include helping both customers and colleagues, and keeping up to date with legislation and dispute processes."

"Away from the day to day duties, I also really enjoy playing a part in our fundraising quiz events in aid of Rock Trust. I've been a scorekeeper for events in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and it has been great having time at these to speak to customers in a less formal setting."

Scottish Housing Day 2023 is on Wednesday 13th September, and this year celebrates housing as a career. For further information visit the Scottish Housing Day website.

Scottish Housing Day - SafeDeposits Scotland
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