After a tenancy comes to an end, either the landlord (or their letting agent) or tenant can log in to the SafeDeposits website to enter a repayment request. This will confirm how the deposit should be repaid (e.g. if the full amount should be repaid to the tenant, or if any should be paid to the landlord for rent arrears, cleaning, etc.).

How quickly should a repayment request be entered?

A repayment request can be entered on the same day as the tenancy ends. There is no legal time frame for a request to be entered: if neither the landlord or tenant enter a repayment request we'll continue to hold the money until someone does.

We recommend that landlords and tenants discuss the deposit to reach an agreement on how the deposit should be repaid before a repayment request is entered.

What do I need to log in?

If you're a landlord, you need your PIN or username and password.

If you're a tenant, you need your deposit account number (DAN) and deposit repayment number (DRN). Your DAN and DRN were sent to you in an email or letter when your deposit was first transferred to us. If you've lost your DAN or DRN, please contact us.

What if there's more than one tenant?

If you're a tenant and live with other people, the landlord will have picked one person as the lead tenant. The lead tenant is the only tenant who can log in and enter a repayment request, or respond to the landlord's request if they enter one first.

The deposit protection certificate which we send to the landlord and tenants when a deposit is first transferred to us confirms who the lead tenant is:

If you're not the lead tenant, you still need to log in to our website to add your bank details to the 'Edit my details' section of your account.

What happens next?

We'll send a copy of the request to the other person to ask if they agree or disagree with the breakdown entered. For example, if the landlord enters a repayment request first, we'll send a copy of their request to the tenant(s). The lead tenant needs to log in to our website to confirm if they agree or disagree with the request and to provide their bank details.

If the other person agrees with the breakdown entered, we'll repay the deposit within five working days.

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