Most tenants claim their deposits back after they move out, but, as hard as it is to believe, a surprising number don't. We decided to dig deeper into our figures and have discovered that renters in some cities are more forgetful than others. The top five cities in Scotland for unclaimed deposits are:

  1. Edinburgh City: 919 deposits, worth £219,559.34

  2. Glasgow City: 417 deposits, worth £113,422.99

  3. Aberdeen City: 246 deposits, worth £73,023.66

  4. Fife: 245 deposits, worth £100,448.16

  5. Dundee: 198 deposits, worth £43,617.13

We can only speculate on why some people don't claim their deposit back. Some people may simply forget, some may have left some cleaning or damage so don't think they're going to get any back, and others might think it's too much hassle.

However, with a staggering £692,000 unclaimed across Scotland, we're urging tenants to complete the repayment steps to claim their deposits back. We have a step-by-step 'How do I claim my deposit back?' blog post to help. If you would prefer to watch a video, we also have a short YouTube video which explains the repayment process.

If your landlord wants to keep any money from your deposit for reasons which you think are unfair, we also offer an adjudication service to help. This means we'll ask you and your landlord for further information about the tenancy. An independent person will decide what repayment is fair based on that information.

For more information, check out our tenant FAQ or get in touch.